Meet the Founder & CEO

I am a creative thinker and designer of employment solutions that are both time saving and cost effective for employers engaging new staff or outsourcing their business administration.

Interests : Family | Competitive Sailing | Food and Wine | Finding Solutions | Yoga and Walking 

Over 24 years of demonstrated experience working in the Employment Placement and Recruitment Services Industry.  

Anyone that knows me, knows that one of my passions is competitive yacht racing. This sport requires a high level of communication and teamwork, patience, leadership skills, the ability to adapt to changing conditions and a competitive nature to succeed.  

Did I say “Adapt to changing conditions”?  Its now 2022 and into our 2nd year since the World started living with COVID-19.  We have been forced to adapt to what they call the ‘new norm’, adapt to how we continue to run our businesses, working from home, subscribing to and learning new virtual recruiting technologies, new systems, processes, having virtual meetings and group online chats, parents juggling with home-schooling their children and also working to make a living and filling our tool box with a whole set of new tools. 

The mandatory wearing of a face mask and introduction of the QR Code tracking system, also now mandatory for checking in at a variety of places and very essential indeed to assist our contact tracers.  We have all had to adapt and I am sure whilst it has made us wiser, that it has made us stronger too! We have a wonderful positive approach and its business as usual here at Tempnet!

As CEO and Business Owner, it’s important to me to maintain “being hands on” and operate the business with an innovative approach.  My role is to ensure that we continually provide our customer service promise, delivery standards and outstanding recruitment services to all our clients/employers and candidates.

My strengths include creative thinking, designing and providing flexible employment solutions.  I am always looking for innovative ways that will both be time saving and cost effective for clients/employers seeking a new employee to join their team or requiring to outsource their business administration services.

As a result with over 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry, I have demonstrated my ability to adapt to the ever changing recruitment landscape, continually ensuring that I have current knowledge of employment legislation, employment regulations and current industry awards.

I work closely with my team and clients/employers ensuring that the entire human resources recruitment operation is carried out smoothly and effectively with the best-possible talent recruited. In doing so, we assess talent objectively, without bias, considering only skills, qualifications, and experience in the assessment process.

I have excellent communication and actively listening skills which are essential during the recruitment process. I always undertake a well managed methodical and thorough approach in managing the full-cycle of the end-to-end recruiting processes and ensure that they are fluid, and respectful of everyone’s time.

To contact me directly for your HR outsourcing or recruitment needs or any questions you may have, please call 0417 160086 or email or